Child Havens

We as ENT (Every Nation Tshwane) Community Foundation believe that every child is valuable and belongs in a loving home.

This is however not the current reality in our nation, with an estimated 3,7 million orphans nationally. It is because of this reality that we have made it one of our primary objectives to establish Havens (children’s homes).

We are trusting God to open 3 Havens homes in Tshwane by 2023. We have taken a massive step towards this objective by affiliating with Every Nation Havens in 2020. We are not only privileged to share in the benefits of their 30 years of experience in orphan care but also to experience the legal benefits of being a CPO (child protective organisation).

We are also trusting God to build a network of adoptive families within our church. As we not only want to care for children through our Havens homes but also want to see these children adopted into forever families.
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