Our Team

Eugene Coetzee

Eugene is one of the co-founders of the foundation and currently serves as the chairman of the board. Eugene has been involved in a number of community development and social transformation projects and initiatives over the past 10 years.

He is involved in and passionate about church planting, campus ministry and world missions. He believes that to change our nation we need to start with reaching and raising the next generation of our nation. Eugene also oversees campus ministry for every Nation Tshwane and serves on the national executive team that leads campus ministry in Southern Africa.

David Webb

David Webb serves on the Board of the ENTCF, where he brings his lifelong passion and expertise in orphan-care.

David and his wife Caroline built orphanages in Kenya in the 1990’s. In South Africa they founded EVERY NATION AFRICAN HAVENS, where they oversee 30 full-time staff and more than 80 volunteers in 6 homes where they have 30 children in their care. The Havens have placed over 220 children for adoption in Christian homes. The Webbs have personally fostered 100 children. David serves as Every Nation Team Leader of Social Responsibility nation-wide for South Africa. They have 8 children, three of whom were born South African. Their first grandchild is proudly South African-American. David has also overseen the establishment of children’s homes across Southern Africa.

David’s passion is to see Christian foster homes spring up around the Tshwane Metro area under ENT CF.

Henk du Preez

Serves as the Treasurer for the ENT Community Foundation. He has 8 years of experience working in the corporate environment in Finance management, after receiving his B Com Hon and completing 3 years of articles. Henk has been serving our Every Nation Tshwane churches for the past few years in the same capacity as treasurer.

He is passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom being established in our nation by means of social upliftment on personal and community levels through education and welfare. I am passionate to see the generational chain reaction of poverty, unemployment, abuse, and abandonment broken in the lives of precious people in our community so that our community can become healthy.

Roné Coetzee

Roné Coetzee, a passionate social entrepreneur and sustainable development activist, founded Beulah Africa Consulting in 2013 out of the need for development she saw while working in the Mining Industry. In 2014, Beulah Africa Development NPC was established to add value to the services already offered by Beulah Africa Consulting. Shortly thereafter, in 2016, Beulah Africa Training was added to the group. Over the years Beulah Africa has expanded its footprint from the Mining Industry into the Energy and Agricultural Industries as well.

Gerhard Jacobs

Serves as part of our executive committee and as the link between the ENT Community Foundation and the Every Nation Tshwane churches. Gerhard has been in ministry since 2016 and is currently leading the social responsibility ministry for our Every Nation Tshwane churches. He has initiated and been part of many community projects, training and relief initiatives within Mamelodi and Nellmapius.

Ministering and living (along with his wife Anneke) in Mamelodi since 2017 has given him a first-hand insight into the social disparities within our nation. He is passionate about seeing individuals and communities break free from the devastating effects of poverty, lack of quality education and the breakdown of family, to delight in the freedom and joy that God intends for all people.

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