“Compassion begins with understanding”

Right thinking produces right action. It is of high importance for us to equip our volunteers with understanding and right thinking so that they will be able to serve with compassion and wisdom. Our trainings aim to equip volunteers’ head, with right thinking, heart, with Biblical conviction and compassion, and hands with practical skills and experience.

We have prioritised two trainings that serve our main objectives of caring for orphans and poverty alleviation (through education).

All in orphan care

All in orphan care is a 6 week course for people that want to be equipped in their Biblical calling of “caring for the orphan” Jam 1:27. Whether you are thinking of, or already volunteering at a children’s home, considering adoption or foster care, or just want to learn more about God’s heart for orphans this training is for you.

This course is developed and made available to us by CAFO (The christian alliance for orphans). At its core, All in orphan care is about the theology of
the Gospel of our adoption into the family of God through the work of Jesus and how your church can vividly declare and demonstrate that through the care of the marginalized, abused, neglected and orphaned.

God the Father adopted us as orphans into His family, gave us a new name and identity as His sons and daughters. This is why we believe it is the responsibility of the church to be a part of the solution to abandoned and orphaned children.

Helping without hurting

Helping without hurting is a 6 week poverty alleviation course. There are more than a hundred scriptures that call us to care for the poor and the marginalised. God cares about the poor. He cares about the suffering of people, that means we as a church and individuals must care about the poor.

Let’s be real, sometimes it is difficult to know how to respond when confronted with someone that is experiencing material poverty. 
Helping without hurting will equip you how to respond with both compassion and wisdom.

Helping without hurting is developed and made available by The Chalmers center. It defines poverty as something we all experience because of our broken relationship with God, resulting in broken relationships with ourselves, others and creation. To alleviate poverty means to see reconciliation and restoration in these four fundamental relationships.
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