New Blessings

A visit to Mamelodi Hospital to bring home a little Blessing became a different kind of blessing. Despite the unusual year we have experienced, we have been part of some awesome family moments. Just from October to December, we had been part of 2 family reunifications, 4 adoption stories and our oldest toddler diva finding an awesome long term foster family that loves her to bits. But back to Mamelodi Hospital and the hardworking, soft hearted staff of the Pediatric Ward. They are the ones that pour out love and care in those first hours of abandonment, they nurse the little bodies back to health, bring clothes to wear and then lovingly name them. Every time I collect a baby they ask about the other Blessings we have collected. The joy and gratitude they expressed today when we showed photos of "their babies" with their forever families definitely makes each of these journeys worthwhile. God really writes the most beautiful family stories. As I look at our two smallest baby boys (both 3,2kgs each but already 2 and 3 months old) I feel blessed to have been chosen to be their family for now.
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